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HD Audio Recorder 1.2

Solution to record, save, convert and send by the Internet your audio recording!
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HD Audio Recorder is a multi-function application for working with your audio files and sharing your recordings. With this program you can record audio from different sources, save them to different output directions, convert the files into many output formats and/or send the content via Internet to whoever you want. The program records the files and creates 'high definition' audio files. It is supposed to record audio using 'new features and hardware acceleration' that creates HD Audio files.
The program sounds pretty complex, and it might be if we consider what it does, but the graphical interface is as easy as any regular audio recorder or converter. When you finish installing and launch the program, it will ask you to select the source where you're going to use for recording. It could be your microphone or any other source. Once you selected the source, you can start recording whichever sound you want to record and when you press 'stop' the program will store the recording. After that, you will have to choose whether you want to save the recording to any of the supported output formats, send it by Internet or go back to the recording mode to continue working.

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  • It lets you record audio and convert it
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